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Tell me what you think about my site!

Hi! Here, I have a form where you can tell me what you think about my site! In addition to questions about my page, I'll also have some general questions. If you've already answered the general questions before, then you don't have to answer them again. (Except for name and e-mail) When you are done, you shall be automatically returned to my main page. (Oh, and please don't post any garbage on my form, I really hate it!)
Okay, let's get started:

What's your name?

What's your e-mail address?

What page are you rating?

Please give the page a rating of one through 10:

Are you weird?

What's your favorite television show?

Are cows evil?

Are aliens real?

So, where do you come from? (City, State)

Where did you find this page?

So, any last words?

I'm a divider. 2/2=1

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This page last updated: April 4, 1998