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Hello, and welcome the page where you can visit pages created by my friends and family!

Mr. Dinklepuss's (Candy's) Homepage
A highly recommended, humorous site that will tickle your funny bone. You'll want to visit it again and again!

My Sister's Page
Exactly as it says. If you're looking for a homepage with the most graphics on one document, this may be it! There are surely over 50 graphics on this page, if not over 100, and all backlinked to other servers!
Warning! Graphics overload! Warning! May Crash Your Browser! Warning! Incredibly Strange!

My Mom's Page
Like Genealogy? Visit her site. She's researching BIEBIGHEISER and variations of, GEIST, REIMEL, and other names.

Spider's Lair
One word: beware. *LOL*

Anikat's Animorphs Site
An awesome Animorphs website. I once managed this site for a while. Anikat is from Australia.

Online Animorphs Website
The Website of an awesome Animorphs newsletter I subscribe to.

Hi! My name is Joe Divider

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This Page Last Updated: April 5, 1998