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Hello! Here I have links to the ScrawlWalls and Boards of my friends and I, plus other sites having to with communication.

Download Netscape Communicator
A product called Communicator? I couldn't think of a more fitting link.

Real Audio Homepage The perfect means for radio communication on the 'Net.

Mr. Dinklepuss's ScrawlWall
She's been my friend for almost two years, she'd be glad to hear from you.

My Guinea Pig's ScrawlWall
We're considering censoring the word r0dent. (It's already censored here.)

Mr Dinklepuss's Message Board
Another place to talk to Mr. Dinklepuss.

Taryn's Message Board
Classified, top secret. *LOL*

My Mom's Page (Communicate about genealogy, or something).

Spider's Lair

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This page last updated: April 4, 1998