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Windows 95 32-Bit Software
Windows 95.com is your official home for 32-Bit Windows 95 shareware and freeware. It's updated every day, and it also includes great tips, and a mailing list too.

No-Nag Screen Shareware
Getting tired of shareware that keeps popping up annoying nag screens every five seconds telling about how wonderful it would be if you registered and blah blah blah... Well, this is the official site for shareware that doesn't display any annoying nag screens. Enjoy!

Sort of like Archie, this features an easy search engine that lets you just type the name of the file you want.

Haven't been to it much, but it's a shareware and freeware download site.

32-Bit Windows 95 software, and it's all free.

Lets you select from a list of mirrors, so the site will never been too busy.

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