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Captain Picard
This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard. His parents were Maurice and Yvette Picard. He had one brother, named Robert. He was the Captain of the Enterprise-D for all 7 years, and later became captain of the Enterprise-E. He was once assimilated by the Borg Collective, but was later rescued. Also, before the Enterprise, he was the Captain of the Stargazer.

Commander Riker
This is Commander Riker. His Dad was Kyle Riker, and his mother died when he was two. Before serving aboard the Enterprise, he was involved a transporter problem abord the Potemkin where a duplicate of himself was created, and was stranded on a planet, although no one knew this at the time. Also, he served on the Pegasus as First Mate. During his stay there, he disobeyed a direct order from his captain because it violated a Federation and Romulan treaty. He was on the Enterprise-D for it's entire voyage, and also served on the on the Enterprise-E. He was offered command of a starship several times, but declined them all, preferring to remain on the Enterprise.

Lieutenant Commander Data
This is Lieutenant Commander Data, an android. Data was created by Doctor Noonien Soong, and brought into existence around 2335. He was of sufficient intelligence and capability to be considered a living, sentient, being. Although android, Data sought to become more human. He got himself a cat, explored music and art, and pursued friendships with others. Probably the biggest impact on his becoming human was when he installed his emotion chip during Star Trek: Generations. Data had an evil twin named Lore who was later deactivated.

Lieutenant Geordi La Forge
This is Lieutenant Geordi La Forge. He was born blind in 2335, but was able to see because of his special device, called a VISOR, which he did not receive until he was 5. His mother was Silva La Forge. He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357 and later met Captain Picard and transferred to the Enterprise. For the first part of his time on the Enterprise he was assigned to the bridge as flight controller, but was later promoted to full lieutenanant and made Chief Engineer. In the movie Star Trek: First Contact, it was seen that his visor had been replaced with ocular implants.

Lieutenant Worf
Lieutenant Worf was born on the Klingon Homeworld to Mogh. His father was killed in the Khitomer massacre, and he was rescued by Sergey Rozhenko. He was adopted as their son. He had an adoptive brother Nikolai Rozhenko. Both of them went to Starfleet Academy, but Nikolai left, feeling that it was not for him. He was transfered the Entrprise, and served at conn, until the death of Lieutenant Tasha Yar, when he was promoted to full lieutenant, and made chief of security. He was later made Lieutenant Commander in a special ceremony on the movie Star Trek: Generations. He later transferred to space station Deep Space Nine.

Lieutenant Tasha Yar
This is Lieutenant Tasha Yar. She was born on planet Turkana IV, and her parents were killed when she was five. She had one sister, named Ishara. She transferred to the Enterprise in 2364 as chief of security, but was later killed in a rescue mission on Vagra II. She did give birth to a daughter however, after being sent back in time when an alternate timeline was created when the Enterprise-C traveled through a time distortion. Her daughter's name was Sela.

Counselor Troi
This is Counselor Troi. Counselor Troi was an empath, being part Betazoid and part human. Her mother, a full telepath, was Lwaxxana Troi, and her father was Ian Andrew Troi. Before she was posted aboard the Enterprise, she was involved in relations with Commander William Riker. She graduated from the academy in 2359. She was posted to the Enterprise in 2364.

Dr. Beverly Crusher
This is Dr. Beverly Crusher. She was born as Beverly Howard in 2324 and graduated from medical school in 2350. She had a husband named Jack Crusher, and they gave birth to a son, Wesley Crusher (not pictured.) Her husband was killed while serving on board the Stargazer under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard, some years later. Crusher was posted to the Enterprise in 2364. She left for the second year and went to teach at Starfleet Medical, but later returned for the rest of the show. She had an affection for Captain Picard, although relations were never pursued.

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