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Captain Benjamain Sisko
Benjamin Sisko was born on Earth in New Orleans to Joseph Sisko. He had one sister, named Judith Sisko. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2353 and marrired Jennifer Sisko in 2355. Jennifer died in the battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. Before her death, she had a son, Jake Sisko. He later, as a commander, became the leader of Deep Space Nine, and was named the Bajoran Emissary when he found the Bajoran wormhole. He was promoteed to captain in 2371.

First Officer Kira Nerys
Kira Nerys was born in 2343 in the Dahkur Province on Bajor. The first part of her life was spent under Cardassian rule. She joineed a resistance cell when she was 12. In 2369 she was posted to Deep space Nine, despite her opposition of Federation help for the now Bajoran space station. She was a surrogate mother to Miles and Keiko O'Brien when an accident on a Runabout forced Dr. Julian Bashir to transfer the fetus from Keiko to Kira. The baby, born in 2373, was named Kirayoshi O'Brien.

Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax
Jadzia was a Trill, and was given a symbiont, Dax. She was assigned to Deep Space Nine in 2369. She was later involved in a scandal in which she found out that the Trill Symbiosis Commission had been trying to hide the knowledge of a 7th host from Dax's memory. Eventually, Dax agreed not to reveal this because doing so would have revealed the fact that about half of the Trill population was capable of receiviing a symbiont, which would have caused serious problems since it was previously believed that only about 1 in every 10 could. She later married Worf (Date unknown, this season), in a Klingon wedding ceremony.

Lieutenant Commander Worf
Worf transferred to Deep Space Nine in 2371 or 2372. He had problems adjusting to life on the station, and so moved his living quarters to the U.S.S. Defiant. He later married Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax. (For more information on Worf please see the Star Trek: The Next Geneation Picture Gallery.

Miles O'Brien, Chief of Operations
Formerly a guest star on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Miles O'Brien later transferred to Deep Space Nine and became a regular character. While on board the Enterprise, he married Keiko O'Brien, who also later transferred to Deep Space Nine. They had two children, Molly and Kirayoshi O'Brien.

Dr. Julian Bashir
Dr. Julian Bashir was born in 2341 with serious learning disabilites. He underwent genetic resequencing to correct his problems, a procedure which was illegal at the time. When Julian Bashir found out what his parents has done, he felt unnatural. They agreed to keep it a secret, but it was later revealed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman. He was posted to Deep Space Nine in 2369 to study and practice frontier medicine. He made friends with Miles O'Brien, and won many awards for his work.

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