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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hi, and welcome to my page about Star Trek: The Next Generation. You may know a lot about Next Generation. Or you may be wondering:
Just what is Star Trek: The Next Generation (Though I seriously hope you're not.) Well, anyway, Star Trek: The Next Generation is a show based on Gene Roddenbury's Star Trek. It premiered in 1987 with the pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint" featuring the omnipotent Q. The main characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation were Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Lieutenant Worf, Lieutenant Tasha Yar (Part of first season), Lieutenant Geordi LaForge, and Ensign Wesley Crusher (first four or five series.) Also on the cast was Dr. Pulaski, during the second season only.

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This page last updated: March 3, 1998