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1. Tomb Raider 3 Demo
This is the "download client" for the TR3 demo. After downloading it, simply double click it to start downloading the actual demo. Oh, and BTW, you don't need DirectX 6 like some people are saying to play the demo. Simply choose hardware emulation on the setup program and it'll run. But you should download it anyway. It drastically improves speed and graphics quality (mostly speed).

2. Tomb Raider 3 Demo Full Level Patch
Eidos/Core tried to rig the demo so that it finished before the full level was actually over. But somebody nice wrote a patch that lets you play the full level. Well worth the download time. I've finished the full level and it's awesome.

3. TombEdit

As of this update, TombEdit was at version 3.04 Build 109. It works for TR3, but is still somewhat buggy. I recommend downloading it only if you really know how to work things on your computer. For features, check out download #8. This does everything it says there, except it also works for TR3. Since I'm not allowed to upload it to my site, I have it linked here.

4. Saved Game Editor
This editor has it's advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that it works for TR3. The main disadvantage is that it doesn't let custom edit specific levels (you must edit a saved game), and the interface leaves something to be desired. Downloaded from Shotgun City's Game Editors. Created by

5. Tomb Raider 3 English Patch
This patch fixes a variety of problems in the original release of Tomb Raider 3. Among them are the level 2 invisible wall bug, sound problems, unexplicable crashes, and the "stuck in India" bug. For more info, plus patches for other language versions, check out the The Croft Times patch download page.

6. Tomb Raider 3 Audio Extraction Utility
This little gem of a program by David Skotnicki lets you extract the TR3 sounds from the main.sfx and cdaudio.wad files on your Tomb Raider 3CD to your computer hard disk as wave files. This is for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

7. Tomb Raider 3 Trainer
This program gives you infinite health in the PC version of Tomb Raider 3. Only use it if you really want to because it permanently modifies tomb3.exe (okay, so you can reinstall, but just letting you know.) This will only work if you have the patched version of TR3 so be sure to download the patch from above.

8. Complete Tomb Raider 1 Saved Games
Download a complete set of saved games at the beginning of each level for Tomb Raider 1.

9. Complete Tomb Raider 2 Saved Games
Download a copmlete set of saved games at the beginning of each level for Tomb Raider 2.

10. Savegame Manager

Savegame Manager. A utility that let's you organize and arrange your games for Tomb Raider 1 and 2, and gold. I wanted to put it on my site, but the creator prefers that I link it.

11. TombEdit

TombEdit. Let's you start a game at any level, add weapons, ammo, items, and more. Also works for TR 1, 2, and gold. This is another external link, the file is rather large, so it's best to get it from a fast server. A very good editor, but doesn't work for TR3.

12. Tomb Raider 2 CD-Rom Accessing Patch
Is Tomb Raider II constantly accessing the CD? Is it slowing down the frame rate so much that the game is jerky? Hey, I had the same problem too. Dowload the patch above. Let it install. Then copy the new tomb2.exe out of your C:\windows\temp folder, and into your Tomb Raider II folder. You'll be amazed.

13. Tomb Raider 1 Demo, Part 1
This is the first part of the City of Vilcamba demo for Tomb Raider 1. Part 2 is now available for download below

14. Tomb Raider 1 Demo, Part 2
The second part of the Tomb Raider 1 demo. Stop by soon, and I'll have Tomb Raider 2 demos ready.

15. Tomb Raider Video Player
This handy little player will let you view videos stored on your Tomb Raider CD. No more launching the game and skipping levels. Enjoy!

16. Lara Car Commercial
I snagged this off of Eidos demos. It's a foreign car commercial in MPEG starring our favorite, Lara Croft!

I'll be adding patches, walkthroughs, and other items here, but for now, enjoy the stuff above!

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This page last updated: December 30, 1998