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Tomb Raider Cheats & Tips

Hi there! On this page you'll find cheat codes for Tomb Raider, as well as other tips that could help you out in the game. I've got Playsation codes here now, as well as Sega Saturn, so enjoy!

All Weapons (PC):

Using the shift key, take one step forward. Take one step backward. Do three full spins. Jump backwards, and you will have all weapons, and a huge amount of ammo for all of them.

Level Skip (PC):

Follow all of the steps above, except when you get to the end, jump forwards instead of backwards.

All Weapons (PSX/Playstation)

During gameplay, go to your inventory. Press look, draw guns, side step right, side step left, side step left, side step right, roll, and then look.

Level Skip (PSX/Playstation)

During gameplay, load your inventory screen and hit sidestep left, sidestep right, look, roll, draw weapons, look, sidestep right, and sidestep left. If you don't hear Lara sigh, repeat it until you do. Then hit select to return to the game and complete whatever level you were on.

All Weapons (Sega Saturn)

Pause the game. Go to the last page of your passport. Press Z,Y,Z,Y,X,X,X, and START. Then press C to skip to the next level.

Level Skip (Sega Saturn)

Use the level skip code, except don't hit C at the end. Instead, press the A button and up on the directional pad for all weapons and ammo.

Codes (Playstation Gameshark)

All Guns: 8008872C0005
All Items: 8008872C0008
Infinite Air: 801DE0020708
Infinite Magnum: 801DE09403E7
Infinite Shotgun: 801DE0AC03E7
Infinite Uzi: 801DE0A003E7

Codes (Sega Saturn Gameshark)

Master Code: F6000914 C305 &/or B6002800 0000
Caves: Infinite Energy-10247092 03E8
City of Vilcabamba: Infinite Energy-1023B792 03E8
Lost Valley: Infinite Energy-1022EF9E 03E8
Tomb of Qualope: Infinite Energy-1025EF96 03E8
St. Francis' Folly: Infinite Energy-1023DBF2 03E8
Colosseum: Infinite Energy-102459EA 03E8
Palace Midas: Infinite Energy-1022339A 03E8
The Cistern: Infinite Energy-1021CD12 03E8
Tomb of Tihocan: Infinite Energy-1021660A 03E8
City of Khamoon: Infinite Energy-1022E2FA 03E8
Obelisk of Khamoon: Infinite Energy-10227A9E 03E8
Sanctuary of the Scion: Infinite Energy-1023690E 03E8
Natla's Mines: Infinite Energy-1022691E 03E8
Atlantis: Infinite Energy-1022E6FA 03E8
The Great Pyramid: Infinite Energy-1022BD16 03E8
All Levels: Infinite Oxygen-160932B6 0708

There are no nude codes. There is no invincibility code. (Except for Gameshark)

Tomb of Qualopec

From what I know, the next tip is not documented in any walkthrough. After you get out of the water to fight Larson, instead of fighting, explore. Climb up on the different rock ledges and stuff. On top of one of them, there is a large medipak. Also, you may not know it, but the statue in the room with the scion can be shot.

Palace Midas

Can't get anywhere? Neither could I at first. Anyway, you can quit looking for the five doors you opened with the levers. You can pull up and pull down to your heart's content, and they still won't open. They'll only open when you pull certain combinations of the levers. Check out the walkthrough to find out which levers to pull, and which to leave alone. Also, in order to exit this level, you must use the large hand in front of the Midas statue to turn the three lead bars into gold.

The Cistern

It will be much easier to get the key that you want, if, after you have navigated the water to find all the other keys, you lower the water again.

Tomb of Tihocan

Give up trying to pull the lever you find near the start of level. It won't work. Instead, find a dark passageway, and pull the underwater lever there to lower the water. Then you can go and pull the other lever. Also, at the end, there are two statues that come to life. If you need the health, you can ignore them both, and simply go into the area with Pierre and the final door. Or, if you're feeling courageous, you can go back, and activate the second statue.

Obelisk of Khamoon

At the final area of the level, back with the sphinx, go into the sphinx. You'll find a box of shotgun shells there.

Natla's Mines

If you're doing really good on weapons, and you think you have enough to finish the next two levels, then you can skip finding the three fuses, and instead use the second secret to find the shotgun, which let you kill the people you need to get your other weapons back. Oh, and near the end, where all of the boxes are, you need to pull the last box out once so that you can push the first box far enough to open the passageway.
*Here it is, right here!* How to beat the boulder trap to get the first fuse. This is thanks to After the gate closes, get Lara's back directly against the wall. Then hit alt and forward, and don't let go. Lara will hop the hurdles and avoid the boulder. When you get to the final stretch, lay off the down arrow, but don't let go of the alt key, and use the right arrow to get up onto the ledge, and then run as fast as you can into the area with the fuse. Watch out for the second boulder trap!

The Great Pyramid

You can kill the monster at the beginning with your pistols if you keep running around, saving your game often, and reloading whenever it hurts you.
Quick Tip: At the end, when you have to fight Natla, don't be so quick to rush away from her.

CD Audio: You can play the audio track of the Tomb Raider CD by loading it into your CD player. Give it a try.

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998