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Tomb Raider 1

Hi, and welcome to my page about Tomb Raider 1, which from here forth, I shall simply refer to as Tomb Raider.
Tomb Raider is an adventure/action game by Eidos/Core Design. The objective of the game is to find the three pieces of the ancient Atlantean scion, and then after your major nemesis, Natla, steals them, find and destroy them, before they can be used for her "mindless destruction."
During her adventure, Lara will explore 15 levels across 4 ancient civilizations. It will take her from the City of Vilcamba to the lost world of Atlantis. Along the way, many animals and people will try to stop her, but with the right skills, and the right weapons, Lara will emerge victorious.

System Requirements

In order to play Tomb Raider for PC, you will need a Pentium or Pentium compatible 60 MHZ processor (90 MHZ for best play.) You will need 8 MB Ram, DOS 6 or Windows 95, dual speed CD Drive. A Super VGA card and all major sound cards are supported. 3D acceleration is supported with add-ons.

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998

As of the last update, GeorgTrek had completed Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Gold. Both were very enjoyable games.