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Tomb Raider 1 Weapons

Hi! Here, you'll find some detailed information and pictures of the weapons Lara uses against here foes in Tomb Raider. As I said one my TR2 weapons page let me just make one thing clear. As it is said in the TR2 strategy guide (and the same applies for Tomb Raider as well), Tomb Raider 2 (and 1) is not a "shooter". It is not Doom or Duke or Quake, and many of the puzzles are more about movement and speed than anything else. Rarely will Lara be killed instantly by any of her enemies, and most of the times she dies instantly is through a puzzle trap, such as burners, rolling boulders, spiked walls, large falls, spiked floors, toxic pools, and other such hazards. That said, let's move on to the purpose of this page.



Lara starts out with two of these at the beginning of the game. Weapons ammo for them is unlimited. Use them whenever you don't have any other weapons, or if you need to conserve ammo on the others. Also use them on enemies below you that have no way of getting to you. Almost all animals can't get to you if you are standing on a ledge that's even just a little above you. If you can get a ledge, pistol them from there. You may have to drop down every once in a while to draw the animal out.


Shotgun Shotgun Shells

This is the second weapon Lara finds in Tomb Raider. Use this when things are attacking you and you want to kill them fast, or if you're low on ammo for other weapons, but pistols are taking too long to kill the enemy.


Magnums Magnum Clips

Magnums are Tomb Raider's third weapons. There are three opportunities to find them. Two of them are secrets, and if you don't find those, you'll find them eventually because you have to take them along with a piece of the scion to end the level. Throughout the Egyptian section of the game, ammo for them is plentiful, so use them just about whenever you want. You're not likely run out of ammo. Have fun with them. They aren't included in Tomb Raider 2.


Uzis Uzi Clips

The fourth and final weapon of Tomb Raider, and the most powerful. By the time you get to the Atlantean segment of the game, you should have enough ammo to use these full-time. Really, at least in Tomb Raider, ammo for all of the powerful weapons is rather plentiful, and so you really don't need to conserve. But don't waste ammo anyway.

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998