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Tomb Raider 2 Cheats & Tips

Hi! Welcome to my page about Tomb Raider 2 cheats & tips. Below, you will find the cheat codes for Tomb Raider 2, and some of my favorite tips and tricks for Tomb Raider 2. I've now got PC codes, as well as codes for Sony PSX/Playstation, so enjoy!

All Weapons (PC)

Light a flare. (This is important.) Take one step forward. Take one step backward. Do three full spins. Jump backwards, and you will have all weapons, and a huge amount of ammo for all of them.

Level Skip (PC)

Light a flare. Then follow all of the steps above, except when you get to the end, jump forwards instead of backwards

Explosion (PC)

To see Lara die in a huge explosion, do any of the codes above, except without lighting a flare.

All Weapons (PSX/Playstation)

While in a level SIDESTEP to your left, then SIDESTEP to your right, now SIDESTEP to your left again, WALK back a step (hold the walk button and press down), WALK forward a step (hold the walk button and press up), TURN around 3 times in either direction, and then backward JUMP WITH A TWIST.

Level Skip (PSX/Playstation)

Do the code above, except at the end, jump forward with a twist instead of backward.

Codes (Playstation Gameshark)

Infinite Auto Pistol Ammo: 8008c5ac 00ff
Infinite Grenades: 8008c5bc 00ff
Infinite Harpoons: 8008c5b8 00ff
Infinite M16 Ammo: 8008c5c0 00ff
Infinite Shotgun Shells: 8008c5b4 00ff
Infinite Uzi Ammo: 8008c5b0 00ff

Great Wall Level Codes:
Infinite Health-8019CF52 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 8019CF50 FFE0
Long Jump-8019CF4E 006B

Venice Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801C19E6 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801C19E4 FFE0
Long Jump-801C19E2 006B

Bartoli's Hideout Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801D0CBE 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801D0CBC FFE0
Long Jump-801D0CBA 006B

Opera House Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801CF2F6 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801CF2F4 FFE0
Long Jump-801CF2F2 006B

Offshore Rig Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801BEC86 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801BEC84 FFE0
Long Jump-801BEC82 006B

Diving Area Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801BDDA2 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801BDDA0 FFE0
Long Jump-801BDD9E 006B40

40 Fathoms Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801BB482 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801BB480 FFE0
Long Jump-801BB47E 006B

Wreck of The Maria Doria Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801CFE86 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801CFE84 FFE0
Long Jump-801CFE82 006B
Have All 3 Circuit Breakers-80088B48 0003

Living Quarters Level Codes:
Infinite Health-801B6916 03E8
Moon Jump-D008AAD4 0010 801B6914 FFE0
Long Jump-801B6912 006B

All Level Codes:
Infinite Oxygen-8008C4FE 0708
Have All Weapons-80088AA0 000B
Have All Keys,Items,etc.-80088B34 0009

There are no nude codes. The is no invincibility code. (Except for Gameshark)

Breakable Windows

Instead of shooting out windows, Lara can simply jump through a breakable window if she's at the right position. This is especially useful in Offshore Rig.

Killing Xian

Hey, here's a neat trick I just found out that you can use to kill Xian in Floating Islands and the Dragons Lair. Its most useful if you are playing with all weapons, but aren't playing with unlimited health/medipaks. Take out your Harpoon Gun or your Grenade Launcher. (These are the two weapon that seem to work.) Walk up to an inactive Xian and start firing at it like crazy. With the Harpoon Gun, you should even see blood. For the Grenade Launcher, you'll see it exploding on the Xian. If you do this enough, you'll find that when the Xian do activate, it'll take hardly anything to kill them. Not only that, but if you hit them enough, they'll explode on activation. Very cool.

Home Sweet Home

Light a flare, and explore Lara's gardens. Your reward will be a box of shotgun shells. Also, just a little note, don't try the labyrinth button for the basement. It doesn't work.

Cd Audio

Load your computer's CD Audio player, and you can listen to the soundtrack of TR2.

The 45 degree elevator

This is either a bug, or an undocumented feature of Tomb Raider 1 and 2. I really can't describe it well, so go to Stupid Lara Tricks. Also, this article should help. Anyway, here are some pics from my adventures on top of Lara's walls:

Hey, never seen that from above before!

Finally on top, and I still can't figure out how to get out.

Now there's got to be some way to jump out of here!

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998