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Tomb Raider 2 Weapons

Hi! Here, you'll find some detailed information and pictures of the weapons Lara uses against here foes in Tomb Raider 2. Now let me just make one thing clear. As it is said in the TR2 strategy guide, Tomb Raider 2 is not a "shooter". It is not Doom or Duke or Quake, and many of the puzzles are more about movement and speed than anything else. Rarely will Lara be killed instantly by any of her enemies, and most of the times she dies instantly is through a puzzle trap, such as burners, rolling boulders, spiked walls, large falls, spiked floors, toxic pools, and other such hazards. That said, let's move on to the purpose of this page.



These are one of the two weapons that Lara starts out with at the beginning of the game. Ammo for them is unlimited. Feel free to use these whenver you're low on ammo for other weapons. Also use them when the enemy closing in on you is weak or can't do much damage, or if the enemy is slow and isn't carrying any type of weapons. These are great for enemies wandering around below you.


Shotgun Shotgun Shells

This is the other weapon you start out with in TR2. Best on close enemies. Do evasive maneuevers if necessary because you need time to refill the chamber.

Automatic Pistols

Automatic Pistols Automatic Shells

The third weapon of TR2. Plenty of ammo available. Good for animals, and human enemies that are far away.


Uzis Uzi Clips

This is generally the fourth weapon of TR2. Some people will find the harpoon gun first though, as there are three opportunities to find the Uzis. If you can't find at least one of these, then I feel really sorry for you. I'm not going to tell you where they are. (Okay, maybe I will if you e-mail me. I'll help you find all of them.) Anyway, these are for the baddest of the bad guys. Also, if there's more than one bad guy coming at you at once, these are good too. Ammo is somewhat scarce, and although they're fast, they use up a lot of shots at one time, so be careful.

Harpoon Gun

Harpooon Gun Bundle of Harpoons

Generally the fifth weapon of TR2. Can be used to fight underwater enemies, or above ground enemies when in water. May also be used above ground, but not recommeneded. Ammo is very limited. It is best to shoot water enemies from above ground with say, pistols or something.


Whoa, that's one heck of of a weapon!

The sixth weapon of TR2. Best not to use it till later in the game, as ammo is somewhat limited. Packs a powerful punch. No go for very close enemies. Great for enemies that are somewhat far away.

Grenade Launcher

Blow Your Enemies Away Grenades

This is it. The seventh and final weapon of TR2. Use this to instantly blow almost any enemy away. Unfortunately, if the enemy isn't at least 20 meters away, it can't hurt them. (Okay, so that's actually not entirely accurate. It's been found that you can go straight up to an enemy and blow their head off.)

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998