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Tomb Raider 3 Items

Large Medipak

Large Medipak

Large Medipak. Using one of these brings Lara up to full health. They're in plentiful supply throughout the game. Lara starts the game with one. Also, these will restore Lara to normal status from being poisoned, but you may only need a small if the poison meter is still pretty full. (Meter will be flashing yellow on PC. Don't know about Playstation.) An interesting thing to note is that the medical symbol has changed from the TR1 and 2 color of red to green. (Hit 9 to use one of these without going to the menu hit.)

Small Medipak

Small Medipak

Small Medipak. These are more plentiful than large, but they only restore half of Lara's health. When possible in the PC version, look for one of the green "health crystals" (which serve as save game crystals on Playstation.) They automtically restore half of Lara's health, saving the need for a medipak. Also, if Lara is poisoned, using one of these will bring her back to regular status. ("Quick draw" is zero.)



Flares are quite useful in that they restore light where there once was dark. Lara starts the game with 2 and there's lots to find especially in the first two levels. If you are holding a flare and then hit the draw flare key (which is <) Lara will throw the flare. (Good for lighting up areas she can't get to.)


Uli Key

Keys are used throughout TR3 to open doors and remove barriers. Unfortunately, the keys in TR3 aren't as fancy as they were in TR2. I've shown one of the neater ones above. (Also, there are items such as Security Passes to find which basically serve the same purposes as keys.)


Infada Stone Ora Dagger Element 115 Eye of Iris

These are what Lara is looking for throughout the game. These artifacts are the Infada Stone, Ora Dagger, Elment 115, and Eye of Iris. Originally, she is only looking for the Infada Stone until alerted to the existence of the others. Soon after finding them all, she manages to get them stolen. Don't worry, she gets them back though. Their mystical powers are endowed on them by a meteorite from outer space.

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This page last updated: January 30, 1999