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Tomb Raider 3 Levels

The big deal of the Tomb Raider 3 levels, is that you can explore them in any order, except the first and last ones. Not only that, but levels have more than one exit. (Which I already explained on the Storyline page.) Also, instead of 15 as they had been saying, there are 20! Sorry, but a lot of this is still rumormongering because I don't quite have info or time to update it. That said, here's basic descriptions of each the main sections, culled from othe sites, and put in my own words, as I think they can be best described:

Section 1- India

I've played India, and it's very cool. The first level has rainstorms, and stunning waterfalls. Enemies consist of monkies and tigers. In the second level, you fight statues, and poisonous snakes. The monkies are also smarter and more agile. And in the third level, you get a quad bike!

Here's a list of the levels there are:

The Jungle
Temple Ruins
The River Ganges
Caves of Kaliya

Section 2- London

Since when did the good Lara take up burgulary? (Joking on the "cat burgular" outfit that Lara wears in this section of the game) Anyway, this section starts out with Lara exploring the rooftops of a wharf. You'll find a lot of goons, and also eventually a crane and a cathedral. After this level, you move on to an underground subway system. Watch out, this level is very non-linear, and if you forget to do something, you may trap yourself. After that, you explore an Egyptian museum and a large watery area. Finally, you fight the dangerous, laser shooting level boss, the infamous Sophia. Watch out, she's deadly, and you can't kill her with your guns. (Note, I did not say you can't kill her.)0

Here's the level rundown:

Thames Wharf
Lud's Gate
The City

Section 3- Area 51/Nevada Deserts

This section starts out with Lara in a hot desert. It's okay though because she has a sports bra. Combat is light, but the puzzles are pretty good. Then, they call her crazy, lock her away, and take away her weapons. But like the Barkhang Monastery, Lara's got help in some hard-core prisoners. She then moves on to Area 51, where strange things, and heavy military await. (Didn't you get enough in High Security Compound?)

Johnny, tell them the levels they haven't won!

Nevada Desert
High Security Compound
Area 51

Section 4- South Pacific Island

The underwater section! Okay, well, not all underwater because it is an island. Word is that there's going to be an entire level centered around dinosaurs, and a big Tyrannosaurus Rex fight! Also, tribesman with nose bones, and grass skirts. to gun down. Bones through noses, grass skirts. That kind of thing.

And here they are:

Coastal Village
Crash Site
Madubu Gorge
Temple of Puna

Section 5- Antaractic Island

Cool. Giant ice-breakers, and Lara gets to ride in a dingy. Limited exposure to certain cold areas means Lara will have to escape before freezing to death. Some of these traps are very hard, and occasionally require you to take some damage to get somewhere. There's a rollercoaster race through an underground mine (mine carts), and a lost city to find... Want more security guards? You've got them. Also, all sorts of crazy mutant animals, some of them with sharp blades and poison.

Bonus Level!

I'm sorry for using the blink effect, but this is just too good to pass up. If you find all 59 secrets in TR3, you get access to a bonus All Hallows level!

Lara's Home

Lara's Home and obstacle course are vastly improved. I don't want to reveal all, but Jeeves is back, there's pistols to find, and there's a quad bike obstacle course.

So there you have it, TR3 kicks! if that's not enough, than check out some of the other pages!

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This page last updated: December 11, 1998