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Tomb Raider 3 Weapons

Big Gun

I have the game, and have made some corrections. Automatic pistols are gone! In their place is a Desert Eagle Pistol. Also, the harpoon gun is back, and improved (not really)! The info and pictures are below! I'll be adding more info and pictures as I play the game and figure it all out. Oh, and one general tip. Your weapons will sometimes remain locked onto an enemy after you've killed it. Don't keep shooting! Let go of the action button to break the lock. Also, make sure you have a good lock before firing, or else you'll waste ammo. If you want all of these weapons, without having to find them, check out the cheats at my Cheats & Tips page. In the mean time, here's what's in the game:

Pistols (of course)


Lara begins the game with the these. Can also be found in the Lara's Home training level and High Security Compound (they take away her weapons in that level.) The thing to know about these is that you shouldn't overlook them. You can kill most enemies with them, without taking to much damage. If they're slow, or can't shoot you from where they are, but you can shoot them, pistols are right for the job. These are also good for a lot of cheap animal foes such as tigers and wasps.


Shotgun Shotgun Shells

The shotgun is good when you need power, but don't have to kill something too quickly. (The thing about not being to quick has been somewhat minimized in TR3, but you still need several shots.) I also find the noise it makes rather satisfying.

Can be found in The Jungle, Temple Ruins, The River Ganges, Area 51, Thames Wharf, Aldwych, and Lud's Gate.

Harpoon Gun

Harpoon Gun

This is the only weapon that can be used underwater. It's really about useless as far as I'm concerned. I never found it and I never needed. Sure, there are a few underwater enemies in Lud's Gate but you can kill those with the harpoons on your UPV. (There is an intersting effect to watch for though. Try shooting some harpoons at a wall. They'll stick in the wall.)

Can be found in Coastal Village and Lud's Gate (supposedly).


Uzis Uzi Clips

When you want speed, but don't want to use your MP5, rockets, or grenades, these are what you want. They look cool, and they're fast. You might want to use your Desert Eagle though because these use up a lot of ammo and for some reason there isn't much available in TR3. Odd.

Can be found in Nevada Desert and Aldwych.


A very powerful weapon. Takes a lot of ammo to kill something with it, but highly fast and powerful. Use it on tough enemies and those that you need to kill fast. Be warned, it is very difficult to use on close enemies. Only use from a distance.

Can be found in Crash Site, Area 51, and Aldwych.

Desert Eagle Pistol

Desert Eagle Pistol Desert Eagle Clips

A pistol on steroids. Pretty powerful and fast. I thought that the enemy needed to be pretty close, but as I've replayed the game I've found that it's pretty good even on enemies that are somewhat farther away. Ammo is rather plentiful too, given that you need little to kill an enemy with it.

Can be found in Temple of Puna, High Security Compound, and Lost City of Tinnos.

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

What you'll notice is that it doesn't auto-target. When you launch a grenade, it lands a little ways away. Then it explodes a few seconds later. Best used for clearing out large numbers of (probably small) enemies. I never really used it much during TR3.

Can be found in Caves of Kaliya, High Security Compound, and Area 51.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

TR3's most powerful weapon. Here's a suggestion. Don't use it. Toy around with it, but reload your game. You'll need your rockets to use against the level boss in Meteorite Cavern. You don't actually need them, but you're best advised to have them. (Okay, so I'm exaggerating again, I've found the Desert Eagle and MP5 work pretty well also. Use at your discretion.)

Can be found in Aldwych, Lud's Gate, and Lost City of Tinnos.

*Recommendation: If you don't want to get gypped on weapons, don't play the Nevada section last. They take away all of your weapons in High Security Compound and if you play this section last you won't get them all back.*

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This page last updated: January 22, 1999