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Bah! I We hate this, but George makes me display it anyway so he can get hits to his site! Humph!

The Snack Bin

Farewell to Roswell

Well, this is SnoFlake, and I've got some sad news for everyone. Roswell's dead. He died yesterday, and was found by George sometime last night. He was buried in George's backyard today, with a few words. Can't say we were the best of friends :(, but I'll miss him. Here's some info on who he was:

His name was of course, Roswell, and he was called Ros. He was about two months younger than me, and he loved carrots. (Surprise surprise)He was named Roswell because George's sister is completely obsessed with a little thing called the Roswell Incident.

Please, take a moment of silence, and then continue. (This is what would normally be here.)

Blah! Give me a break! "Fuzzy". I'm lean, I'm mean, and I'm on the scene! Or something like that.
Seriously, I'm not that bad, but don't you dare ever call us fuzzies. My owner is named George. And I'm SnoFlake. That's my picture up above (with the late Roswell :( )with George holding us. He's also holding up his old tamagotchi. I believe I'm the one the left (black and white) and Ros is on the right (black & brown.)

Here's a little about me. I'm about two years old, and I love carrots! I was named SnoFlake because on the day George bought me from Jack's Aquarium & Pets, it was snowing. (First snow of the year.) And no, SnoFlake is not a sppelling mistake.
Facts About Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs Are Not Rodents
Guinea Pigs Come In All Different Colors
Guinea Pigs Are Also Known As Cavies
Guinea Pigs Are Intelligent
Guinea Pigs Are From Another Planet
Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets
Guinea Pigs Will Take Over The World Someday

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There's George trying to take the credit again. He did type some of this for me though, so I'm going to let it go, but only this time.

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