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Hi! I wrote this page to tell you about a little issue I haven't raised in a while, but is very important to me. It's about the Channel 1 Kidsboard.
A long time ago, say maybe a year or more, there was this really awesome place called the Channel 1 Kidsboard where kids and teens could discuss topics and post messages. My friend Candy and I visited there a lot, and we even got our own message boards. Then, problems started happening. The server would go down, some website built a Channel 1 mall that made it hard to access the Kidsboard, and they completely changed the format of the site on us. Finally, the thing was just taken down, and it just vanished. (It was at Boy were we mad! We protested, argued, but nothing really ever came out of it. Now we need your help to try to get it back. Sign the petition below and help us out. Let's get this back for all to enjoy!

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This page last updated: April 8, 1998