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Hi! I made this page to give credit to all the great people and sites from which I've gotten material for this site, such as midi files, sounds, or graphics. Check out these site's library's yourself to see if you can find something.

Laura's Midi Heaven
Over a thousand Midi files, arranged by categories.

A site filled with backgrounds/wallpapers.

Angelfire Graphics Library
Hey, they had to be good for something.

PC Computing
Their download libraries contain useful programs to help build a website.

Gif Wizard
Use this tool to help reduce the size of your graphic files.

IrfanView32 Graphics Viewer/Converter
This awesome graphics viewer, free for home use, lets you view graphics of 18 different types, and size in seven different types including GIF and JPEG. Will save animated gifs, and quickly converts those common BMP files to other formats. Also, JPEG compression methods reduce size of Web graphics by as much as one half without noticeably reducing image quality.

Awards Awards Page
Contains links to a large amount of award pages where you can apply for awards for your website. Text links only, but server is pretty fast.

FocusUsa Awards Page
Over 300 links to award pages, with a ratings system, graphical links (pictures of the awards) and a fast server.
Easily submit your site to 99 (at this writing) award sites by filling out one simple form. (Unfortunately, this is set up so that you have to verify the awards you want through 33 pages of mind numbing Submit clicking because it only displays three awards for sumbission at a time. It's still much faster than normal submission however, and it's free.)

Online Animorphs

Hi, my name is Mr. Divider. I'm from New Mexico. I like cheese and salami.

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This page last updated: June 22, 1998