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Star Trek: Voyager Picture Gallery

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Captain Janeway was born in Indiana to a Starfleet admiral. She enjoyed skying, but disliked some of the other activities her family participated in, preferring more modern and technological fun. She became captain of the Starship Voyager in 2371. She was stranded with her crew in the Delta Quadrant on her initial mission, and began a 70 year journey home. She made Chakotay her first officer, integrating the Maquis crew with the Federation. She has had many adventures in the Delta Quadrant, and is still leading her crew home.

Commander Chakotay

Commander Chakotay was born to Kolopak on Earth. He is of Native American descent, and proud of it. However, he rebelled against his people as a child. He went off to Starfleet Academy. He trained there as a pilot, and eventually joined the Maquis against the Cardassians. In 2371, his ship was sent from the Badlands to thousands of light years away in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Janeway was sent off on the Starship Voyager to find him, and ended up being sent to the Delta Quadrant too. There, Captain Janeway agreed to make him her First Officer in their journey home. He became involved with Seska while he was in the Maquis, but she later joined the Kazon in the Delta Quadrant. In 2373, he became temporarily became a member of a Borg collective, which helped him heal from an injury.

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok

Tuvok entered Starfleet Academy in 2289. He did not want to join, but his parents insisted. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Excelsior in 2293 under the command of Hikaru Sulu. Tuvok had problems on the ship, and even spoke out against some of Sulu's practices. After some of these problems, he resigned from Starfleet Academy to undergo the Kolinahr discipline. He couldn't finish though because he went through Pon farr and mated with T'Pel. (He later had 3 sons and a daughter with her.) He met Captain Janeway in 2371 and kept in contact with her with letters. He went with Janeway in 2371 to infiltrate the Maquis, but ended up in the Delta Quadrant with her. He would have become first officer, but Janeway decided to elect Chakotay for this position. Tuvok became involved in a transporter accident in 2372 with Neexlix and were fused together at the molecular level to become "Tuvix". This individual possessed both Tuvok's and Neelix's memories, but had his own personality. Janeway eventually came up with a way to restore Tuvok and Neelix, but Tuvix protested that he did not want to die. Janeway decided to restore Tuvok and Neelix anyway. In a Voyager episode this year, Tuvok was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. (This was interesting since Tuvok had already been called "Lieutenant Commander" in a previous episode, but for some reason he later began being called a lieutenant.)

Lieutenant Tom Paris

Tom Paris is the son of a Starfleet admiral. While attending Starfleet Academy, he majored in astrophysics. His first position was as an officer on the Starship Exiter. Sometime after graduating from Starfleet Academy, he was involved in a fatal accident that killed three Starfleet officers. He at first tried to deny responsibility, but later he fessed up and he had to leave Starfleet. He started helping out the Maquis, but he was apprehended and sent to the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand. He was released at Captain Janeway's request in 2371 to help locate his former Maquis colleagues, and was sent to the Delta Quadrant along with the rest of the Voyager crew. Tom Paris became the first person ever to achieve transwarp velocity, reaching a speed of warp 10 in a shuttlecraft. However the experiment had unforseen effects causing Paris to devolve into an amphibian. The doctor was able to reverse this process however. (During this trip, Voyager collected information from every single point in the universe. Therefore, I fail to understand why they still can't get home. Go figure. Guess if that happened, they couldn't continue the show.) In 2372, Tom Paris realized that he was attracted to Kes. However, he didn't want to irritate Neelix, so he stayed out of the way. Later in 2372, he started to get tired of his life on Voyager, but prior to leaving the ship, he was able to determine that Michael Jonas was working as a Kazon operative and so he decided to stay.

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres

Torres was born on the Federaton colony on Kessik IV. One of her parents was human and the other was Klingon, giving her a mixed heritage. She often found it hard to control her Klingon temper. She began attending Starfleet Academy but dropped out sometime during her second year because she found Starfleet discipline too hard. She went off and joined the Maquis, serving under Chakotay. She was sent to the Delta Quadrant where she became a member of the Starship Voyager's crew. She was chosen for the position of chief engineer, despite an altercation with Lieutenant Carey. On stardate 48784 she was captured by a Vidiian scientist who separated her into two different people, one completely Klingon, and the the other completely human. The Doctor was able to make the two one again, and B'Elanna finally recognized her need for her Klingon side. Once she went on spiritual journey with Chakotay to try and find her animal guide, but she ended up trying to kill it. Vorik, a Vulcan crew member, asked B'Elanna to become his mate in 2373 while undergoing the pon farr. She declined, but ended up experiencing the pon farr herself after coming into telepathic contact with the Vulcan. She then tried to mate with Tom Paris, but was unsuccessful. During this recent season, she has developed a relationship with Lieutenant Paris, but nothing much has come out of it, yet.

Ensign Harry Kim

Ensign Kim was born in 2349. He enjoyed playing the clarinet, and had a position in the Julliard Youth Symphony. He joined Starfleet Academy in 2370 and became the editor the newspaper. During that time, he reported on some Maquis activities. He joined the Starship Voyager in 2371 and was lost in the Delta Quadrant along with the rest of the crew. He still enjoyed playing the clarinet however, and used a bunch of his replicator rations to get one. In the year 2372 he was in a shuttlecraft and went through a timestream, where he ended in an alternate reality where he had not gone to Voyager and was living with his fiancee. He was awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence during this alternate time period, but got back to Voyager with the help of an alternate Tom Paris. In 2372, Harry Kim died. You think this would be the end, but *no*. He just keeps coming back. He was killed by an explosive decompression after a duplicate Voyager was made during a spacial scission, but a Harry Kim from the duplicate Voyager came to take his place.

The Doctor

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." These are the famous first words uttered by Voyager's EMH program as he was activated in 2371. He was developed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman with the help of Lieutenant Reginald Barclay at Jupiter Station. A sealed magnetic field around the program let the EMH program pick up instruments in order to treat patients. This program was equipped in several vessels, including the Starship Enterprise E, but the one on the U.S.S. Voyager developed his own unique personality. Since the Starship Voyager was left without a doctor after their trip to the Delta Quadrant, the EMH program, who became known as the Doctor, was forced to become a full-time medical officer. He was programmed with over 5,000,000 treatments, and an adaptive capability. His program consisted of over 50,000,000 gigaquads of data, comprising the medical knowledge of over 3,000 cultures. As mentioned before, his programming was adaptive, whcih let him enjoy new experiences, and learn things. He even refused to obey a direct order when asked to separate Tuvix back into Tuvok and Neelix because doing so would end Tuvix's life. He developed so much, that he became a sentient life form. He was irritated because he felt he was still being treated as a computer program. One of the steps taken to stop this was to let the Doctor turn himself on and shut himself on at his own will. Otherwise, the crew would forget to turn him off, and he would be left alone for hours on end. Eventually, he decided to consider giving himself a name, but never decided on one. Some members of the crew found the Doctor's bedside manner lacking, and so he programmed himself with a disease in order to experience the symptoms firsthand. However he set this program to end after a specific period of time, but one of Voyager's crew played a little trick on him, causing him to panic when he believed the program had malfunctioned and would never end. On Stardate 48693 the Doctor went on his first away mission. There he found a photonic being, and was later given a commendation by Captain Janeway for his efforts. On Stardate 50252.3 the Doctor suffered a level-4 memory fragmentation. The Voyager crew managed to restore him, but some of his memories were lost. He was equipped with an autonomous holo-emitter after traveling back to 1996 by Henry Starling and kept it when he went back to Voyager, allowing him to travel outside sickbay. During this season, the Doctor was temporarily confined to sickbay when a hologram of Leonardo Da'Vinci was stolen and taken down to a planet along with the Doctor's holo-emitter. Also during this season, the Doctor went on away mission to the Alpha Quadrant after his program was sent through a complex alien-communication network. There he ended up on a ship being attacked by Romulan's and managed to get the EMH program on that ship to work with him. He was also able to tell the people he found there about Voyager's existence in the Delta Quadrant before the alien network was destroyed.

Moral Officer Neelix

Neelix was a Talaxian trader who joined the crew of the Starship Voyager in 2371. There, being a trader, and having explored many areas of the Delta Quadrant, he helped Captain Janeway with relations with new species, by informing her of his experience with him. To help out Voyager's food shortage, he converted part of Deck 2 into a mess hall, where he started cooking. Unfortunately for him he overlooked the fact that the area he used for storage happened to be the Captain's private dining room. Also, he became the crew's moral officer, providing support when needed, since the ship did not have a counselor on board. Eventually, he made his own news show, called A Briefing With Neelix and broadcast it over the ships communications systems. This show contained information about things going on the ship, meals Neelix was preparing, and "interesting medical information" from the Doctor. On stardate 48532.4 Neelix had his lungs removed, which were transferred to Vidiian suffering from the Phage. The Doctor created a holographic lung for him, which served as temporary organ until Kes donated one of her lungs. In 2373, Voyager began moving out the area of the Delta Quadrant that Voyager was familiar with. They stopped by the Nekrit Supply Depot where Neelix engaged in some illegal activities with his old friend. Captain Janeway did not like this, and ordered in to serve two weeks maintenance duty as punishment.


Kes was an Ocampa being who left her planet in 2371 to join the crew of the Starship Voyager. She was born in 2370. On board the Starship Voyager she became an assistant to the Doctor. (You may be wondering how it is possible for Kes to have joined Voyager's crew in 2371 if she was born in 2370. Kes's people have a 7-year life span, and so develop quickly.) Some time after joining the Voyager crew, Kes began exhibiting telepathic powers. She studied mind control techniques under Tuvok in order to control her powers. In 2372 Kes underwent elogium and her and Neelix decided to conceive a child. However, the elogium was false, and she decided wait until later in her life to have a child. During this season, Kes's telepathic powers began increasing. She also began developing telekinetic powers, which allowed her to see and manipulate objects beyond the sub-molecular level. It was later found that her tele-kinetic powers had a harmful effect on Voyager. She left the ship, and became a being of pure energy. Before leaving, she gave Voyager's crew a gift, catapulting them ten years closer to home, and safely away from dangerous Borg space.

Seven Of Nine

Seven of Nine is the most recent addition to Voyager's crew. Not much is yet known about her. She served as a representative for the Borg when Janeway was working with them to develop a weapon against Species 8472, and was later stranded on Voyager where she was rescued from the Collective. At first, she said that she wanted to go to the Collective, having been a member since she was three, but Janeway kept her on board, and the Doctor managed to restore most of her human functions. It was learned that as a girl, her favorite color was red, and her parents were Starfleet officers. She later was drawn to her old ship in the Delta Quadrant, the Raven, believing she was going back to Collective. Tuvok came along, and managed to convince her to return to Voayger. She has had trouble adapting to human practices, but Ensign Harry Kim has developed a bit of a relationship with her, and she is learning to interact among the crew.

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