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Tomb Raider 2

Hi! Welcome to my page about Tomb Raider II! Read on to find out all about Tomb Raider II, the most recent version of Tomb Raider from Eidos/Core Design.
Tomb Raider is an adventure/action game that combines vast and challenging puzzles, with obstacles and enemies to make for one heck of a giant adventure. The object of the game is to find the ancient Dagger of Xian, which is reputed to possess the power of the dragon. Along the way, you will venture from Italy, to the great ocean, and eventually to China. You will fight a variety of enemies from Goons, to Doberman Pinschers, to huge Tyrannosaurus Rexes. If you're skilled, you may discover a few secrets along the way. To do your best, I recommend you buy the Tomb Raider II Strategy Guide. It's chock full of walkthroughs and awesome tips that will help you navigate your way through the game. If it seems a little expensive for you, then try one of the walkthroughs available on the 'Net, such as the one I am linking from my downloads.

System Requirements:

You don't need much to play Tomb Raider II for PC. All you is a system running Windows 95, a Pentium or compatible 90 MHZ processor (133 MHZ for best play), 16 MB Ram (32 for best play), 4X or higher CD, Windows 95 compatible sound card. Also contains built-in support for Direct3D accelerator cards.

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This page last updated: October 14, 1998

As of the last update, GeorgTrek had killed the dragon, rid the home of bad guys, and completed Tomb Raider II. The situation isn't likely to change soon.