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Tomb Raider 3 Vehicles

Quad Bike/Racer

River Ganges Quadbike Nevada Desert Quadbike Lara's Quadracer

You find a total of three sleek looking quad bikes/racers in TR3. Besides just looking cool, and being fun to ride, these machines allow Lara to ride over ledges that she normally couldn't with their high speed. To get on a quad bike/racer, walk up to it and hit the action button. Then, to move it forward, hit the action button. To move backwards, hit the jump button. These can be combined with the left and right keys to turn around. The look button acts as a handbrake and while holding the handbrake pressing the accelerator and then releasing the handbrake acts as a turbo-thrust. Finally, when you're ready to quit messing around, hit the roll button and the left or right arrow to get off.

Keys: Accelerate=Ctrl (Action), Reverse=Alt (Jump), Handbrake=Insert (Look), Dismount=End (Roll)
Use left and right arrow keys to turn left and right. While holding the handbrake, pressing the accelerator than releasing the handbrake will provide a Turbo-Boost.



The kayak is a vehicle exclusive to the Madubu Gorge level of Tomb Raider III. There are two of them, although you can only choose one to ride. The reason for these is that the whitewater rapids of Tomb Raider III would kill Lara if she tried to swim in them. You move the kayak along as you'd move Lara. The only thing to remember is that if Lara's about to fall down a ledge, backpaddling will lessen the damage.

Keys: Use arrow keys to paddle. Using shift and left or right arrow keys will paddle in that direction. Hit end (look) plus left or right arrow keys to jump out.



The UPV (underwater propulsion vehicle) is a little vehicle found in Lud's Gate. This is because a good part of the level occurs underwater and Lara needs something to help her move about faster. *Free Tip*- Sometimes, when you're in an underwater area with this, if you go to the very top of the ceiling, you can grab a little air, even if you're completely underwater.

Keys: Use the Alt (jump) button move forward. Use left and right arrow keys to left or right. Use the Ctrl (action) key to fire a harpoon. Finally, use the End (look) button and an arrow key to let go of the vehicle.



One of Lara's major problems in the Antarctic sections of Tomb Raider 3 is the frigid water. She can only stay in it for a short period of time before dying from the cold. This vehicle lets her ride about the water in style without freezing to death.

Keys: Use the Ctrl (Action) key to accelerate. Use left and right arrow keys to manuever left and right. Use Alt (Jump) to brake and End (look) with left or right arrow keys to Disembark.

Mine Cart

Mine Cart

This is the last vehicle you'll find in Tomb Raider 3. It's not actually a vehicle as such, but more just something to ride in. Be sure to use the swing wrench tool to hit switches along the way. Also, you'll need to duck sometimes or Lara might hit her head. And don't forget to slow down sometimes before you crash into something.

Keys: When you get on, it starts moving. Use the Alt (jump) button to slow down. Use the Ctrl (Action) key to swing a wrench to hit "switches". Use the > (greater than) sign to duck to avoid barriers that Lara can hit her head against. Finally, use the End key to jump out. (Lara can only jump out when the vehicle is at a complete stop.)

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This page last updated: January 17, 1999