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The What's New Archive

April 27, 1998

Moved DessertLVR's thank you graphic from my main page to Awards- Page 5.
Added a new contest to my main page.

April 26, 1998

Added links to my awards to single page titled Awards Central
Added Meta Descriptor Tags to my main page
Corrected two spelling errors on my main page with help from Website Garage

April 23, 1998

Fixed broken links on this page

April 22, 1998

Removed Weekly Update Page from site
Correct URL for Orion's homepage on main page
Added CL Banner Exchange Banner To Main Page
Added Tigger's Greeat Site Award To Awards- Page 5
Began providing direct links to pages on this page

April 21, 1998

I know it is not April 21 already! Gosh I have fallen behind!
Created Awards- Page 5 page and added Orion's Electric Site Award
Updated links to Awards Pages
Added Orion's Webring To Main Page
Adding Missing Kids Applet To Main Page

April 14, 1998

Added Todd's Night Club Bronze Award to Awards- Page 4
Added DevilKid45 Award to Awards- Page 4

April 13, 1998

Added "Little Sis Award" to Awards- Page 4
Added CoolMorph to Thanks To section on Main Page
Changed URL of my sister's page to her new website

April 10, 1998

Added page about Channel 1 Kidsboard to site
Reviewed websites for my award
Updated the requirements for my award, and added link to winners page to my application page
Added a link to my chat room to my main page

April 7, 1998:

Added two winners to Award Winners Page
Completed moving of music files to new directory.

April 6, 1998:

Created Awards- Page 4 page, and added two awards to it, Cute Cavy Homepage, and Aaah Award
Added Cute Cavy Homepage Award to guinea pigs page
Began work on page about Channel 1 Kidsboard

April 5, 1998:

Finished work on Star Trek: Voyager Picture Gallery
Added King Of The Jungle Award to Awards- Page 3
Began moving music files to new music directory in an effort to decrease load time of my Tripod member directory.

April 4, 1998:

Moved dividers to new directory.
Added dividers to pages that didn't previously have them.
Did more work on Star Trek: Voyager Picture Gallery

April 1, 1998:

Added new award winner to Award Winners page.
Added April Fools page ( (Later Deleted)

March 31, 1998:

Added Bronze Voyager award to Awards- Page 3.

March 30, 1998:

Uploaded pictures for Star Trek: Voyager picture gallery.
Began work on picture gallery.
Won Bronze Voyager Award!

March 29, 1998:

Became a member of The HTML Writer's Guild and added HWG logo to main page.
Added Sk8master's Website award to Awards- Page 3
Uploaded graphics to be placed in the upcoming Star Trek: Voyager Picture Gallery.

March 28, 1998:

Added even more Fastcounters.
Added a guinea pig links page.
Added a new banner to the guinea pigs page.

March 27, 1998:

Added more FastCounters.
Added two people to Special Thanks area on main page.
Added new person to Helper Sites Links.

March 26, 1998:

Added Fastcounters to several pages.
Also added dividers to several pages that didn't previously have them.
Added new award winner to Award Winners page, Webslinger's Website Tools.

March 25, 1998:

Added Award Sites, Rating Level 2.5 Award to Awards- Page 3.
Changed the name of the Broken Link Defenders to Broken Link Patrol
Registered Fastcounters for all pages, will be adding them soon.

March 24, 1998:

Added a free service called the Broken Link Defenders.

March 23, 1998:

Added a link to Dayton Software to main page.

March 22, 1998:

Added Helen's thank you graphic to main page.
Added Ravi's Elite Site Award to Awards- Page 3.
Moved bullets to new subdirectory.

March 21, 1998:

Hey, I have to have a break sometime, don't I?

March 20, 1998:

Added Golden Windmill Award to Awards- Page 3.
Created Weekly Update page and added link from main page. (Later deleted)
Added new award winner to Award Winner's page.

March 19, 1998:

Added name and e-mail of contest winner to main page. Began deleting old contest pages.
Added Tripod answering machine to main page.
Created an "Awards- Page 3" page and added Groovy Website award to the page.

March 18, 1998:

Added Guestworld Guestbook to Main Page
Added a new Award Winner, HunnyBaaby to my award winners page.

March 17, 1998:

Removed two banners from main page to increase load time.
Began moving music files to new, seperate directory.
Added system requirements for Microsoft Font Smoothing Utility to main page.

March 16, 1998:

Added Rainbow's Love and Light Award to More Awards page.
Added links to helper sites to my links.
Added winners list for my award.

March 15, 1998:

Added CS Award to More Awards Page
Added Platinum Rhino award to More Awards Page.
Added animated Welcome graphic and animated smiley faces to main page.
Added Kelly's Award to More Awards page.

March 14, 1998:

Moved award graphics to new directory "awards". Award pages were down for a small amount of time.
Added link to Microsoft's font smoothing utility to main page.

March 13, 1998:

Changed e-mail for Jade Fave award on More Awards page from to
Uploaded smaller/antialiased version of Welcome graphic on main page.
Added new banner to main page.
Changed form to Tripod submission method.

March 12, 1998:

Changed background on More Awards Page.
Uploaded much smaller version of background on main page to minimize download time.
Added Link Exchange banners to several pages on my site and fixed minor problem with banners on other pages. (Note: Last updated date on these pages was not changed since the changes made were minor.)
Added Jade Fave Award to More Awards Page.
Removed Pooh Bear from main page and added "GWorld. Yeah, it's happened logo."

March 11, 1998:

Added this page to my site.
Changed background on main page.
Changed music on main page from "The Bear Necessities" to "What's This?"- From The Nightmare Before Christmas
Created "More Awards" page and added "Worth A Peek" award.

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